What could be better than

Teaching people to make good decisions?

I was asked this question by a trainer at one of the NLP seminars ... back in the day. I paused to reflect, while the world froze in between the moments.

That wasn't the reason I came there, that's not how it was marketed; but now it makes so much sense.

Improving the quality of a single decision may not seem like a goal worth pursuing. However, if you take a period of 30 years and you think how many decisions you make each day, and then ask yourself a question: "how different my life would be, if the quality of the decisions that I make is doubled?" The answer could be quite surprising, and significant.

In the video below, I talk about the challenge faced when building the a Eiffel Tower, since it was designed to be the tallest building of its time. When improving one's decision-making strategy a linear approach, a canned recipe is going to have a success to a very limited degree, it's as if one would try to determine the ultimate success formula in business or art.

What's the solution?

Well, to use patterns that work.

Some of them are linear in nature, some are recursive, and others had been simply borrowed from other disciplines. We start with what you already have and we keep building on it:  higher, wider, deeper - whatever works.

Course curriculum

    1. Interview - Student Demo

    2. Instructions for silent questions

    3. Silent Questions

    4. Instructions for interview

    5. Interview Questions

    1. What is meant by "Not So Good Decision"

    2. Interview Questions

    3. Compare and Contrast - Student Demo

    4. Compare and Contrast

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