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it gets easy, but first

The story of a couch athlete

Whether you've been very active in the past or never followed an exercise routine, whether you're new to NLP or studied all the NLP in the world, you've got a problem you want to find a solution for.

Whatever your reasoning is-  you want to exercise: And you either fail to take off the ground or do it consistently. 

Not exercising is easy. One loops through experiences or representations that portray activity as difficult or uncomfortable, either by blowing things out of proportion, representing things in a dull light, experiencing fatigue from past workouts or experiencing phantom pain from past injuries from years ago.

Those who break the loop, go on 'athletes gone wild' streak of two to four weeks, just to come back to square one and get defeated. 

Clearly, the solution exists, and here are ...

Solution Ingredients

The magic of three

The foundation to effortless work-out motivation consists of the following: you want to be able to generate a powerful and intensive feeling, then figure out an appropriate timing for when to fire it off, In between workouts, you want to clean-up anything that can potentially can take toll on your motivation or otherwise get in your way.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Your Motivational Movie

    • Overview

    • Stage 1 - Planning

    • Brief intro to Submodalities

    • Submodalities of Planning Stage

    • Progression of Feeling Intensity

    • Design your planning stage

    • Goal of a 'Booster' stage

    • Prepare your reel - Part 1

    • Demo Reel

    • Prepare your reel - Part 2

    • Improve with Sound Effects (SFX)

    • Add Feedback Loop to 'Booster'

    • Final Stage - Powerful Trigger

    • Your Turn - Create Full Movie

  • 02

    It's About Time

    • Let's Make it Manageable

    • Choose Workout Frequency

    • Final Adjustments

    • The Future is Here

  • 03

    Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting

    • Clean-Up Pattern

    • Memory Effect / Phantom Pain

    • Positive Thinking Reset

    • Weightloss and Workouts

    • Workouts for Weightloss


Skills Trained

  • Timelines

  • Motivation Strategy

  • Goal Setting

  • Anchoring

  • Feedback Loops

  • Submodalities