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it gets easy, but first

The story of a couch athlete

You sit on the couch and can’t get yourself going. Exercising feels like a chore a must something that needs to be done, but never gets executed. When you run an ‘exercising’ movie in your head it ends in bad feelings, so you never actually get to it.

 Then maybe one day … you listen to a tape, you get insipred by a YouTube video or get some really bad health related news … and you kick start the process. Nothing can stop you. You feel like you own the world.

 Then boom, two weeks to two months later … back to square one, back to the couch. Doing the same thing again: sitting on it while spinning ‘bad’ movies in your head or going through every single feeling of discomfort in your body 😊

 Exercising and working out … is once again a burden in your life that maybe … one day … you will get to 😊

 Clearly, the solution exists, and here are ...

Goals of the Program

  • Be able to motivate yourself at a snap of a finger
  • Integrate the motivation into the way you organize time so that you do things on a consistent basis
  • Clean up typical limiting fitness beliefs and other bs
  • Transform working out into the foundation for your successful and happy life (from being a burden)

Does this resonate with where you want to be?

How do you get from Present State to Desired State?


You invest the money in the course and leapfrog into the future. Period :)

Alternatively, you can set aside 2-5 years to figure this stuff out and ask yourself a question: is it really worth it?


You Get

By signing up to this amazing program

  • Three revolutionary NLP techniques to take your motivation, time-lines and TOTE to the next level

  • A pattern to clean up bull-shit fitness beliefs and set yourself up for success

  • Practical and working advice on how to harmonize fitness with long-term weight loss

  • ... and so much more

Money Back Guarantee

This program comes with a ninety days money back guarantee. If you're not happy with the results you're getting, we'll promptly refund your money no questions asked.

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What else do you struggle to do consistently?

Imagine the ripple effect of already having taken the course on your life.